Time to Rebuild. First stop – Malacca.

It has been six weeks since I stopped physical activities and underwent a successful minor surgery to fix congenital hearing loss in my right ear. With recovery complete, it is now time to get back on the bike and step into my running shoes to rebuild my fitness. I dread it quite a bit. Rebuilding after six weeks off is tough. The first week will be terrible but it has to be done.

Thankfully, my wife has arranged for an early February ride to Malacca. It will be our first ride overseas. Both she and I are completely out of cycling form. She has not ridden since August 2019. We are going to spend the two weeks we have to regain some form of fitness. I expect to be able ease into the 235km ride up north from Singapore and hope she will be to do the same. If not, the support vehicle awaits us.

It is really great to have a mini goal to work towards, especially together as a couple. Hopefully this will ignite some interest in cycling on her end. As for me, I have five months to be ready for a six day cycling mountainous tour in Italy.

Baby steps first. Get sufficiently fit for Malacca in two weeks, build to rejoin group rides in four weeks and grow my FTP in sixteen weeks, Stay healthy throughout. A tight but doable schedule.

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