COVID-19 Measures Tightened, Back to Zwift

Advisories from (left) and Singapore Cycling Federation (right)
Advisories from (left) and Singapore Cycling Federation (right)

I have resisted returning to indoor cycling this year. In fact, I have not done so all of this year and have been able to faithfully crank out 100km or slightly more weekly outdoors. However, the COVID-19 situation in Singapore is not improving and the government announced on 21 April that outdoor exercises are to be limited to the vicinity of one’s “immediate neighbourhood”. The Singapore Cycling Federation’s update does not shed further light on what “immediate neighbourhood” means. Its example of “if you live in Pasir Ris, cycle only in Pasir Ris” is not helpful in defining the letter of the law. But I do agree with the government that it is more important to follow the restrictions in spirit rather than focus on pushing its boundaries.

Since I am able to cycle indoors, I will do so and avoid outdoor rides as far as possible. So, back on Zwift I go. I do not know if I can tolerate more than an hour of static riding even with Zwift but this appears to be the only socially responsible way to keep cycling. On the upside, it means less pre and post preparations but I will surely miss the freedom of cycling outdoors.


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