How COVID-19 has Affected My Plans

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has very starkly affected my cycling plans for this year. I had set out to ride more and make more overseas cycling trips but these have clearly been impacted.

First, the COVID-19 situation has raised work demands. This is leaving me very exhausted at the end of each day. I find it difficult to get myself moving after work due to this. This is my biggest hurdle.

Second, my trip to Italy has been postponed for a year. This was the event I was building up this season towards, and I will now need to find something new. It is difficult when it does not involve exploring new places.

It is rather disappointing that the COVID-19 crisis comes at a time when I was on track to regain fitness. I am still no where close to my peak but the gains have been steady.

The upside is that I am very used to riding solo and social distancing measures have not affected me at all. I am looking for ways to ensure sufficient rest to get my energy levels going and also to find a target to work to. I do not do KOMs but I guess I have nothing much left to aim for until COVID-19 blows over.

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