Long Term Review: Kask Protone & Valegro

I am reviewing both Kask’s Protone and Valegro at the same time because they share many similarities. For those wondering, I have two helmets because it takes about a day for a helmet to dry after washing and it is important to wash after every ride. Hence, two helmets needed for riding on consecutive days.

The Good

  1. Aero, airy and light. The Protone is more aero but less ventilated than the Valegro and vice versa. I live in Singapore where the tropical weather is notoriously hot and humid, and ventilation is absolutely key. The Protone does more than a good job. The Valegro is just a bonus. Hence, how I determine which helmet to use is based on how fast I plan to go and not really the weather. Faster rides = Protone. In terms of weight, these come in light with the Protone at 215g and the Valegro at 180g. Not the lightest but light enough.
  2. High adjustability. The inner shell and adjustments straps are a cut above the rest. I have an “Asian” head which means the top profile of my head is rounder than the global average. Yet, the helmets’ high adjustability means that I can still configure to fit my round head well.
  3. Production quality. The helmets are very well crafted. I have used other premium brands and Kask always stand out. I really like the way the leather chin strap is engineered – not only does it adjust well and doesn’t place the bucket near my adam’s apple, it also folds up excess strap very neatly. Same cannot be said for most premium brands.

The Bad

  1. Expensive. Costs mostly the same as its counterparts from premium brands and sometimes maybe a fraction higher.
  2. No MIPS. The helmet meets safety specifications but does not come with fancier safety tech like MIPS. In my own opinion, MIPS is not necessary but nonetheless a good to have.

Overall, I highly recommend both. I bought them from Bike Discount because it was cheaper than local offerings.

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    1. Thanks Fitri. I do not have special tricks. What I do is to rinse the helmet lightly in water. Apply some soap (dishwashing soap or body soap will do). I will put more soap on areas that retain sweat such as the helmet pads and straps. Then I will rinse it off with water. Some cyclists bring their helmets to the bathroom and wash them while taking a bath. Hope this helps.

  1. Hello! Stumbled upon your site while looking for protone reviews by riders here in Singapore. Am in the market for a new helmet and considering between the protone and the giro aether. Love the look of the protone BUT have just one concern – how does the leather strap fare in our weather? Does it flake?

    1. Hey Dylan, the leather strap fares fine in Singapore weather. It does not flake. Both my Protone and Valegro still look like new after more than a year or two of usage. Hope this helps.

      1. Perfect. Thanks Bro. I have the same Asian round head problem. I have similar 58cm. So I think I can get M as well. Now using L for Giro Helios but giro have problem with Asian head. So I have to go up a size. Problem is Giro a bit loose . Thanks again.

  2. My Head is 54cm and both the M and S size seems to fit into it, may I know which will a better fit? Currently wearing an M for decathlon’s helmet and hence looking forward to a better one. Just dont want to look too big (mushroom head).

    1. It is hard to say because it also depends on how well the shape of your head fits the shape of the helmet. (If it does not fit well, then M would be safer.) It is better to test in person. You might want to check with Treknology. They carry Kask helmets in Singapore.

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