Long Term Review: G8 Performance Pro Series 2620 Insoles

Following the slightly less than perfect fit of the S-Works Torch, I needed to adjust the profile of the shoe in order to get my right foot perfectly positioned. I tried a few insoles before landing on the G8s. Here is why.

The Good

  1. Allows continuous adjustments. This is the G8’s main selling point. A proper fitting insole is not easy to find. You have basically two options – go to a shop that will let you try a range and provide aftersales (to swap to other insoles), or do it yourself. I went the DIY route. I could not afford to keep buying different insoles to try, so the G8’s adjustability was really awesome. I realised that my foot changed over the course of exercise. What fit really well at the start might not be over time. I also realised that my foot adjusted to the insoles over time, and I slowly shifted through the different levels and positions of the arch supports.
  2. Quality. The insoles are really well made. They are sturdy yet soft to touch. The arch supports are rock solid and the connectors are engineered well.
  3. Saved my S-Works Torch. The G8s mostly eliminated issues with my Torch. It is still not perfect but it is very very close.

The Bad

  1. Price. It is significantly more expensive than other insoles. At close to S$200 you can probably buy 3-5 standard insoles but the standard ones do not offer adjustability. You pay for the ability to customise without needing someone to manually do it (at higher prices). I got my first pair from G8’s website and a second pair through a Carousell seller.

I would recommend this if you do not intend to get an insole from a fitter. If you can get a fitter, do it. For cyclists, Singapore lacks proper cycling shoe fitters so you do not really have any professional to turn to. Those in Singapore can try visiting to a running shoe fitter (if you are runner) and see if the same insole works for cycling. Failing which, I would recommend going for the G8s so that you can customise it over time.

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