Buxumbox Tourmalet Update – Still rock solid

Five years after purchasing the Buxum Tourmalet bike box, the box is still going strong. I bought it when I was in Thailand. It has gone to New Zealand, Taiwan (twice) and most recently Italy. It would have gone more places if not for COVID.

The box has taken a lot of rough handling. The surface of the box bears scars from airport crew, but the box continues to be structurally robust and the equipment it holds has never suffered damage.

It continues to carry a lot. In my Italy trip, it held close to 30kg in load. Because of its size, you can squeeze more than just cycling gear in it. It often doubles up as my non-cycling luggage as well.

The downside of having such a tank for a bike box is that airport crew are likely to place it in more punishing places – like the bottom of a stack of boxes. When I landed in Italy, I noticed that the anti crush bar got bent.

I did not worry much and returned to Singapore with a fully loaded box with the slightly bent crush bar. The box and its contents came through fine without incident. I decided the change the bar and ordered a couple from Buxumbox.

To my surprise, the new bar looked significantly reinforced. Instead of a single rod, it now has multiple points to spread out the pressure. The tank got a significant upgrade.

Confidence to fly is important especially when travelling with pricey equipment. I am raring to fly again.

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